Continuing the tradition
Linebreeding, old line genetics for size, muscling and parasite tolerance

Who We Are

Hickory Branch Farm is a Myotonic Goat Farm located in SW Louisiana about 15 miles north of Lake Charles, LA and 30 miles east of Orange, Texas.

We started raising goats in 2005.  Herd health, nutrition, pasture management, facilities, etc. were not new terms, having raised and showed purebred cattle for a number of years on a larger ranch.

After experimenting with another goat breed, we came to realize that for us to raise goats successfully, we had to have a breed that was better adapted to the southern region.  Too much time had previously been spent dealing with internal parasites, hoof maintenance, and less than desirable mothering ability.  Our search for another breed led us to Myotonics and Kikos, both of which seemed to fare better in those important aspects.  What tipped the scales for us was the superior muscling of the myotonics.  The ones we had seen, truly were meat goats.

So, the unique breed that met our requirements is a medium sized, heavy muscled goat called by many names, but the name we prefer is the American Myotonic Meat Goat, a truly “American original”


Our purpose in being in the goat business is to produce line bred animals with “fixed” genetics to use as replacements in purebred operations and as outcrosses on commercial and purebred operations.

We are not raising pets although a few people each year buy them for that purpose.  We do not baby our animals.  They kid in the open for the most part.  We have adequate shelter if they kid in bad weather.  It’s their choice where they kid.

We check for parasites on a regular basis and average deworming 3 or 4 times a year.

Goats spend most of year on pasture with protein/mineral suplement tubs available to them at all times.  Weanlings are fed pelleted feed and pasture for about 3 months after weaning, then given pasture and protein supplement.

Our doelings are bred to kid as 2 year olds.  They will certainly breed earlier, but we prefer to let them grow out before kidding.

We are a closed herd and have been for many years breeding the best to the best with excellent results. (See page on line breeding).

You are cordially invited to visit our farm.  Please call or email ahead for an appointment.

Myotonic Goat Registry
Louisiana Meat Goat Association

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