History of Myotonic Goats

The myotonic breed appears to be at least 140 years old, probably older. The first recordation of myotonic goats goes back to the 1870 – 1880’s in rural Marshal County, Tennessee where an old man named John Tinsley showed up accompanied by 4 goats which would seize up and fall over when startled. The goats were later purchased by Dr. H.H. Mayberry of Marshal Country and the breed spread from there.

Lisa Johnson of Thunder Bay Ranch in Florida has written a very good comprehensive history of the breed that appears on her website entitled “History of Myotonic Goats”. Another good comprehensive history can be found on Suzanne Gasparotto’s website at Onion Creek Ranch.

It is obvious from their history that myotonic goats by whatever name they are called, is a distinct American breed.

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